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Generating Research Questions

Generating Research Questions
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In today's ISS lesson, we learned how to generate research questions with the help of sciencebuddies after reading their webpage (The link is located above.) 

Here are the research questions we generated:


    1. How do batteries made from rochelle salt, copper and magnesium compare to regular batteries?
    2. Creating a portable, windowsill herb garden.
    3. Creating music box out of arduino system and crystal power.

        (More information about Arduino can be located here.)

            Shi Qiang:
            1. Can we concentrate the salt to make a higher voltage battery?
            2. Riding on Air—Build a Real Hovercraft: how does it work?
            3. Why do coke and mentos would explode when it goes together.

            1. What can rochelle salts power?
            2. Is there enough power for the rochelle salts to charge a phone?
            3. How many batteries can we make at one go?
            Later on, we then made this for the selected research questions that we came up with:

            Research Question
            Do herbs need a big space (7 gallons or more) to grow?
            Amount of space each plant is allocated.  
            1. Colour of plant.
            2. Height of plant.
            3. Appearance.
            4. Taste of herb.
            1. Amount of light received.
            2. Volume of water received.
            Herbs need to have plenty of space in order to grow properly.

            Can we concentrate the rochelle salt to make a higher voltage battery?
            the amount of concentration of the rochelle salts
            the amount of voltage
            the voltmeter
            the higher the concentration of the rochelle salts , the higher the voltage of the rochelle salts.
            Is there enough power for the rochelle salts to charge a phone
            How much percentage will it be charged by the battery
            How much batteries are needed
            The type of phone
            There is enough power to charge the phone to 100%

            *Note: This is not for generating our research project. This is part of our curriculum for our ISS subject.

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